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Sound Of Music Lyrics

Here you’ll find all ‘The Sound Of Music’ lyrics to the songs included in the movie soundtrack as well as the ones only in the musical. We all love singing along with Maria and the children and this page helps you do just that!

‘The Sound Of Music’
‘How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria’
‘I have Confidence’
’Sixteen Going On Seventeen’
‘My Favorite Things’
‘The Lonely Goatherd’
‘Ordinary Couple’
‘Something Good’
‘So Long, Farewell’
‘How Can Love Survive’
‘Do – Re – Mi’
‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain’
‘Sixteen Going On Seventeen Reprise’
‘No Way to Stop it’

Even well known artists have made it to the charts with a ‘Sound Of Music’ song remix! Check out these from Big Brovas, Gwen Stefani and JLS.

Big Brovaz ‘Favorite Things’
Gwen Stefani ‘Wind It Up’ (Lonely Goatherd)
JLS ‘The Club Is Alive’ (The Hills Are Alive)

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