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Rolf Gruber

Here is a breakdown of the character ‘Rolf Gruber’ from ‘The Sound of Music’. Remember, this is just the character, You can read about the actor Daniel Truhitte here!

Name - Rolf Gruber

Real Person - The character of Rolf Gruber is in fact fictional and was created for the movie / musical.

Actor - Daniel Truhitte

Age - 17

Relationships - Rolf has a romantic love story with Liesl Von Trapp (Charmian Carr) the 16 year old daughter of Captain Von Trapp. They share a beautiful song ‘16 going on 17’ and throughout the movie we see their relationship develop to Rolf eventually turning his back on Liesl and her family.

Appearance - Rolf is ‘aryan’ - a blonde haired, blue eyed Austrian village boy.

Personal Traits - At first we believe Rolf is truly in love with Liesl, however as the story develops we see how he realises he cares for ‘more important things’ (to Liesl')

‘I’m now occupied with more important matters. And your father better be too if he knows what’s good for him.'

At the pinnacle of their relationship Rolf shows where his true loyalties lie and betrays the Von Trapp family as they are trying to escape ‘Lieutenant! Lieutenant, they’re here! They’re here, Lieutenant! ‘

Songs - ‘16 going on 17’


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