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Whether it’s Maria's opening song 'The Hills are alive...', the timeless ‘Do – Re - Mi’ or the sweet 'Sixteen Going On Seventeen', we all have our ‘Favorite Things’ about 'The Sound Of Music'.

Learn everything about the Cast, Characters, Lyrics and much more including facts about the movie, musical and Von Trapp Family!

Enjoy the interactive videos, trivia, puzzles and your ‘Sound Of Music’ stories along with interviews and information about where the musical is touring near you!

I simply love the enchanting story of Maria and her journey of finding herself, bringing music to life for the children, and falling in love. Read more about my experience on ‘The Sound Of Music’ Tour in Salzburg and all About Me on the ‘About me' Page

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Sound Of Music Lyrics
Sound of Music lyrics - complete collection of lyrics for songs from the 1965 movie soundtrack as well as the musical!

The Sound Of Music Full Movie
The Sound of Music Full Movie - Information about the highly successful film, including when it was released, how long the film runs for, and more!

Sound of Music Movie
Welcome to the Sound of Music movie page! All you need to know about the 1965 twentieth century fox film including cast, locations, songs, lyrics, crew and much more!

Sound Of Music Movie Cast
The complete Sound Of Music Movie Cast list! The actors / actress's that starred in the hit musical 'The Sound of Music'

Sound Of Music Characters
Sound of Music Characters! Here is page all about the characters from the classic musical. Profiles and information about the beloved Von Trapp Children along with those surrounding them!

Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews starred as 'Maria Von Trapp' in the 1965 movie 'The Sound of Music'. She has been honoured for her outstanding achievement on stage and screen, find out all about her here!

Christopher Plummer
Christopher Plummer starred as 'Captain Von Trapp' in the 1965 movie 'The Sound of Music'. Find out all about his early life, career, awards and nominations and much more here!

Richard Rodgers
Richard Rodgers was the music composer for 'The Sound of Music'! Working closely with Oscar Hammerstein (lyrics) they created the amazing songs we love to sing a long too. Read all about Rodgers here!

Oscar Hammerstein was the lyricist for 'The Sound of Music'! Working closely with Rodgers (music) they created the amazing songs we love to sing a long too. Read all about Hammerstein here!

Sound Of Music Tour
All the information you need about the Sound Of Music Tour! Whether you want to know about the musical touring near you or the movie places tour in Austria it's all here!

Carrie Underwood - The Sound of Music
See Carrie Underwood star as Maria in The Sound of Music! NBC are airing an all new production of this fantastic musical for everyone to enjoy!

Von Trapp Family
Ever wondered about the real Sound of Music Von Trapp family? Here you'll find all you need to know about the true story behind the musical 'The Sound of Music' and the birth of the real 'Trapp Family

Sound of Music Reunion
Sound of Music Reunion has happened numerous times over the years, most recently last October on the Oprah Winfrey show! Watch video's and read about it here!

Sound of Music Costumes
Welcome to the Sound of Music Costumes page! Ever wanted to dress up like your favourite character's from the movie? Need fancy dress idea's for a party? Check out the 'Sound of Music' Costumes page!

Sound of Music Trivia
Sound of Music Trivia! How well do you really know 'The Sound of Music'? Do you know all about the movie but nothing about the original musical? Are you a 'Sound of Music' Trivia King or Queen? Find out here!

Sound of Music Scrapbook
Finally, The Sound of Music Scrapbook is here! The 7 children cast as the 'Von Trapp's' have gathered never before seen photos, letter, script cuts and much more all for you to see!

Sound of Music Crafts
Sound of Music Crafts gives you lots of ideas of fun arts and crafts activities inspired by The Sound of Music.

Sound of Music Wedding
Sound of Music Wedding time! Every wondered in what way you could get your love for The Sound of Music into your wedding day? Check out The Sound of Music Wedding page here!

Your Sound of Music Story
What is your 'Sound of Music' story? What's your favortie thing about 'The Sound of Music'? Share your 'Sound of Music' stories and read other people's here!

Sound of Music Interactive Blog
The Sound of Music Interactive Blog keeps you up to date with all additions and changes to Subscribe here.

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