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Marta Von Trapp

Here is a breakdown of the character ‘Marta von Trapp’ from ‘The Sound of Music’. Remember, this is just the character, You can read about the actress, Debbie Turner, here!

Name - Marta Von Trapp

Real Person - Johanna Von Trapp

Actress - Debbie Turner

Age - One of the first things we find out at Marta is what she tells us about her birthday…

‘I’m going to be 7 on Tuesday’

Appearance - Marta has dark hair and her build is slight.

Personal Traits - Marta is quite girly and likes the colour pink as she tells Maria…

‘I want a pink parasol’

for her birthday. She is still very young and innocent.


Songs - ‘So Long Farewell’

She also is a part of…

‘My favourite things’

‘Edelweiss reprise’

‘Do, Re, Mi’

‘The Lonely Goatherd’


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