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Julie Andrews plays Maria in the 1965 movie ‘The Sound of Music’. You can read all about the character Maria Julie plays in the movie or as I’m sure you already know, The Sound of Music is based on a true story, so you can read all about the real Maria Von Trapp! as well!

Name - Julia Elizabeth Andrews

Date Of Birth - 1st October 1935

Birthplace - Walton-On-Themes, Surrey (UK)

Parents - Her mother, Barbara Ward Wells was a pianist and she grew up believing that Ted Wells was her father, until the age of 14 when it was revealed to her, by her mother, that she was actually the result of an affair she had while married. Ted Wells and Barbara Wells divorced shortly after the outbreak of World War 2 and her mother remarried - a man named Ted Andrews, whose surname Julie later adopted. The Andrews family were poor, and Ted Andrews was an alcoholic. Twice, while drunk, he tried to get into bed with Julie Andrews, his stepdaughter, which led to Julie putting a lock on her door. However, as Ted and Barbara Andrews stage career began improving they had more money and eventually moved back to Julie’s home town of Hersham.

Childhood - - Julie Andrews wrote a biographical book called ‘Home’ in which she describes her childhood in great detail!

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Marriage - Tony Walton 1959 - 1967 (Divorced). He was a Director, Set and Costume Designer and married his ‘childhood sweetheart’ Julie Andrews. Although they divorced they remain good friends and he has even illustrated several children’s books written by Julie! Blake Edwards 1969 - 2010 (His Death from complications with pneumonia). An American film director, screen writer, actor and producer.

Children - Emma Walton - Julie’s first marriage Jennifer Edwards and Geoffrey Edwards - Her second husband’s children from his previous marriage. Julie Andrews was their step mother Amelia Leigh and Joanna Lynne - Adopted children from Vietnam! All the children, except Joanna, have appeared in Blake Edward’s movies!

Interesting Facts - During the scene where the children are hanging from trees and the Captain drives past with Max (Richard Haydn) and the Baroness (Eleanor Parker) , the ‘Maria’ hanging in the tree was in fact Larri Thomas, Julie Andrews' double - see photo! While filming the bedroom scene in ‘The Sound of Music’ Julie taught the children how to say ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ backwards…which they can still say today!

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