Sound Of Music Tour

Sound Of Music Tour

Sound Of Music Tour

Have you seen the movie and would love to visit the places where they filmed it in Austria? Longing to run around the fountain in Salzburg singing ‘Do - Re - Mi’ and dance outside the gazebo where Liesl had her first kiss? Like me you probably want to go on the Sound of Music tour Salzburg

Not only did I go on ‘The Sound of Music’ tour, I also went to see a performance at the ‘Marionette Theatre’ in Salzburg in the evening which was definitely an experience I will never forget! Have you got a funny story or want to share you favorite thing about Salzburg? Share your Sound of Music (Salzburg) story here and read others!

Or are you wondering where ‘The Sound of Music’ is touring in a theatre near you and would like to buy tickets? This summer you can see ‘The Sound of Music’ in London! Find out more here! I was privileged to be able to go see the UK touring production of ‘The Sound of Music’ - Read my review here!



The long running Broadway and West End productions have been a huge success! Click here to read about the

‘Sound of Music’ Musical History

Have you been to see one of these performances? Leave a review and read other reviews here!

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