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Louisa Von Trapp

Here is a breakdown of the character ‘Louisa von Trapp’ from ‘The Sound of Music’. Remember, this is just the character, You can read about the actor, Heather Menzies here!

Name - Louisa Von Trapp

Real Person - Maria Von Trapp

Actor - Heather Menzies

Age - 13

Appearance - Louisa is typically Aryan: blonde haired, fair skinned, blue eyed and of slight build.

Personal Traits - She is very mischievous and enjoys playing tricks on the governess'. After the Captain has left, Louisa secondarily introduces herself to Maria as ‘Brigitta’ which is a lie. Liesl informs Maria that Louisa also hid spiders in the previous governess’s bed.


Songs -

‘So Long Farewell’

She also is a part of…

‘My Favorite Things’

‘Edelweiss Reprise’

‘Do, Re, Mi’

‘The Lonely Goatherd’


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