Carrie Underwood The Sound of Music

Carrie Underwood The Sound of Music

Carrie Underwood The Sound of Music


NBC aired a LIVE version of ‘The Sound of Music’! The show wasan adapted version of the stage show, not the classic Julie Andrews movie, and was 3 hours long - so you could truly indulge in your favourite musical!

It attracted an audience of

18.47 million viewers!

When and Where?

It was on NBC in America on Thursday 5th December at 8pm. Unfortunately, as of yet there is still no proposal for an airing in the UK or other countries, but I’m sure it will be available shortly after it’s initial showing. It is set for DVD release in America later in December 2013.



Maria Von Trapp: Carrie Underwood

Julie Andrews commented on the new production, particularly the casting of Maria, stating:

“I think she’s (Carrie Underwood) great, it’s going to be the original show, I believe, and I think after 40 or 50 years, it’s probably time somebody else had a crack at it."


Georg Von Trapp: Stephen Moyer (True Blood)

Lisel Von Trapp: Ariane Rineheart

Friedrich Von Trapp: Michael Nigro

Louisa Von Trapp: Ella Watts-Gorman

Kurt Von Trapp: Joe West

Brigitta Von Trapp: Sophia Caruso

Marta Von Trapp: Grace Rundhaug

Gretl Von Trapp: Peyton Ella

Kym Karath, who played Gretl in the 1965 film adaption, certainly had a lot to say about the live version - Read all about it here!

The Baroness: Laura Benanti

Mother Abbess: Aundra McDonald

Max Detweiler: Christian Borle



What did you think?

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Not so good…

I watched the Sound of Music Live, and didn’t really enjoy it. I realized, of course, that it would be nowhere as good as the original, but it still disappointed


Carrie as Maria Not rated yet

I liked Carrie as Maria. I felt in the beginning Maria & the children had great chemistry. Then after Max, Baroness & The Capt, it became a trio broadway


A fresh new take, done wonderfully Not rated yet

I loved the original with julie andrews, but the carie underwood version was very enjoyable. Why did Rolfe not call the luetenant in the new version.


Not good Not rated yet

The old version was better.


John Not rated yet

I believe this was an amazing show. Please ignore the critical people. As someone that did a lot of musicals in school, I very much appreciated it. People

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