Oscar Hammerstein II

Oscar Hammerstein II

Oscar Hammerstein II

Name - Oscar Greeley Clendenning Hammerstein (Oscar Hammerstein II)

Date Of Birth - 12th July 1895

Death - 23rd August 1960 (aged 65) He died on stomach cancer having never seen the movie adaptation of ‘The Sound of Music’ which occurred in 1965.

Birthplace - New York City, New York (USA)

Parents - Alice and William Hammerstein were his parents. His grandparents (mothers side) were Scottish, American and English. His grandfather (fathers side) was Oscar Hammerstein I - a German born Jewish theatre impresario.

Childhood - Hammerstein attended Columbia University (1912 - 1916) and Columbia Law School (till 1917). Hammerstein’s father was opposed to him being involved in the arts, so it wasn’t until his father’s death (10th June 1914) that he took part in his first play - ‘On Your Way’.


Jobs - Oscar Hammerstein II has worked on hundreds of movies, musicals and much more over his career. You can read all about them on ‘The Internet Movie Database - Oscar Hammerstein II’


Marriage - Myra Finn

Dorothy Jacobson (till Death)


Children - William Hammerstein - 1st wife

Alice Hammerstein Mathias - 1st wife

James Hammerstein - 2nd wife


Awards - Academy Awards

1939 - Oscar - ‘Best Music, Original Song’ (‘The Lady Objects’ 1938) - NOMINATED

1942 - Oscar - ‘Best Music, Original Song’ (‘Lady Be Good’ 1941) - WON

1946 - Oscar - ‘Best Music, Original Song’ (‘State Fair’ 1945) - WON

1947 - Oscar - ‘Best Music, Original Song’ (‘Centennial Summer’ 1946) - NOMINATED

1952 - Oscar - ‘Best Music, Original Song’ (‘The Strip’ 1961) - NOMINATED


Interesting Facts - After his death, the lights of Times Square (USA) and the West End (London) were turned off for one minute in recognition of his contribution to the musical industry. He was referred too as ‘The man who owned Broadway’

The last song Hammerstein wrote was ‘Edelweiss’ performed in ‘The Sound of Music’. As he died in 1960 he never saw the musical made into a movie in 1965.


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