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Christopher Plummer played ‘Captain Georg Von Trapp’ in the 1965 movie ‘The Sound of Music’. You can read all about the real Captain Georg Von Trapp here!

Name - Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer CC

Date Of Birth - 13th December 1929

Birthplace- Toronto, Ontario (CANADA

Parents - Isabella Mary (Abbott) and John Orme Plummer. His father was the the secretary to the Dean of Sceiens at McGill University. He was an only child and his parents divorced shortly after he was born so he was brought up at the Abbott family home in Senneville, Quebec. His Great Grandfather was Canadian Prime Minister - Sir John Abbot.

Childhood - He began acting in high school after originally studying to be a concert pianist before developing his love for the theatre. He was inspired to take up acting after seeing Laurence Olivier’s performance in ‘Henry V’ - 1944.

Jobs - Christopher Plummer is an acclaimed star on screen and on stage! Read all about his Stage / Theatre career here! And check out his Movie and TV appearances here!

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Marriage - Tammy Grimes (1956 - 1960 ) - Divorced with one child. Tammy is a Tony Award Winning Actress.

Patricia Lewis (1962 - 1967) - Divorced. Patricia is a journalist.

Elaine Taylor (1970 - Present). Elaine is a British Actress and Dancer.


Children - Amanda Plummer (1st Marriage) - Born 1957. Now an Acclaimed Actress herself, Christopher Plummer had no relationship with her as a child or through her teenage years, however they now maintain a good relationship.

Interesting Facts - Watch this video of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer reuniting for ‘On Golden Pond’ where they also discuss ‘The Sound of Music’

Christopher Plummer was 36 years old when he filmed ‘The Sound of Music’ and had only filmed 3 films previously as he had mainly been a stage performer.

Plummer had to be persuaded by Wise to take the part of ‘Captain Von Trapp’. After agreeing he wanted to make changes to the Captain’s character and sp he and screenwriter Ernest Lehman worked on the character for days. Plummer even approached Richard Rogers to write a song for him to sing about his love for Maria. (Something Good)

Christopher Plummer was known to have referred to ‘The Sound of Music’ as ‘The Sound of Mucus’

Christopher Plummer’s songs were sung by Bill Lee as Plummer wasn’t at Julie Andrews' singing standard.

“If I had been singing with someone else other than Julie, my voice might have been OK to use, but Julie’s voice is so perfect, there’s just a difference in quality.”

On meeting the real Maria Von Trapp she said that he was so much more handsome than her real husband!

Plummer see’s his screen family at Sound of Music Reunion’s, but had remained very good friend’s with Julie Andrews

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