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Max Detweiler

Read all about the character ‘Max Detweiler’ (Uncle Max) here! Don’t forget, this is just the character from the musical / movie! You can read all about the actor Richard Haydn Here! The character is based on the real life person ‘Father Franz Wasner’ who helped the Von Trapp Family with their singing and eventually fled to America with them.

Name - Max Detweiler

Real Person - Based on the real personFather Franz Wasner

Actor - Richard Haydn

Marriage - It is never made clear if Max is married, although it is strongly believed he is single

Appearance - Max always appears well kept and tidy. He has short dark hair, a moustache and is of average build.

Hobbies - He enjoys spending his time around the rich and thinking of new ways to make money;

‘I like rich people, I like the way they live, I like the way I live when I’m with them’

Personal Traits - He is loveable, charming, funny and a little bit cheeky;

Marta: Can we keep the puppet show uncle Max?' Max: Of Course. Why else do you think I had Professor Cohen send the bill to your father?'

He also likes to please those around him; ‘You know I have no political convictions, can I help it if other people do?'

He cares greatly for the Von Trapp family, the children refer to him as ‘Uncle Max’ and in the end, he helps them escape. His cheeky character still rings through right to the end though as he says;

I shall miss all of you, I shall miss the money I could have made with you!'


Songs -

‘How Can Love Survive?'

‘No Way to Stop It’


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