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Kym Karath

Name - Kym Karathanasis

Date Of Birth - 4th August 1958

Birthplace - Los Angeles, California (USA)

Parents - Although she was born in the states, Kym’s parents were actually Greek and her surname was Karathanasis, however, this was shortened when she went into acting.

Childhood - Kym Karath began acting at the age of 3! (See jobs). She later graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Humanities and soon after that she moved to Paris (France) where she studied Art History.

Jobs - ‘Spencer’s Mountain’ - 1963 - ‘Pattie-Cake Spencer’ (uncredited) - (movie)

‘The Thrill of It All’ - 1963 - ‘Maggie Boyer’ - (movie)

‘Good Neighbour Sam’ - 1964 - ‘Denise Bissel’ - (movie)

‘The Sound of Music’ - 1965 - ‘Gretl Von Trapp’ - (movie)

‘Peyton Place’ - 1965 - ‘Susan’ - (television)

‘My Three Sons’ - 1965 - ‘Pammy’ - (television)

‘Dr. Kildare’ - 1966 - (television)

‘Lassie’ - 1966 - ‘Kathy Vaughn’ - (television)

‘Lost in Space’ - 1966 - ‘Princess’ - (television)

‘Family Affair’ - 1966-1971 - ‘Barbara’ - (television)

‘All My Children’ - 1970 - ‘Kristen’ - (television)

‘The Brady Bunch’ - 1972 - ‘Kerry’ - (television)

‘The Waltons’ - 1973 - ‘Mabel’ - (television)

‘Archie Bunker’s Place’ - 1980 - ‘Pretty Girl’ - (television)

‘Midnight Offerings’ - 1981 - ‘Monique’ - (television)

During studying in Paris she also modelled part time.

Kym Karath also created a TV show called ‘Bouncing Back’ in which she was host. She interviewed numerous people including Dr. Eva Eger, a survivor of the holocaust! Check out part of that interview here…

Marriage - Philippe L’Equibec - 1985-present. He is a banker whom she met in Paris while studying there.

Children - Eric L’Equibec - 1991

Interesting Facts - Heather Menzies s Eric’s Godmother!

During filming the boat scene Kym Karath couldn’t swim and ended up throwing up all over Heather Menzies after almost drowning!

Before her audition for ‘The Sound of Music’ Kym learnt the entire score and walked into the audition with a huge book of photographs showing her experience and claiming she was ‘perfect for the part’!

In between filming Kym Karath has fond memories of playing rummy with the nazi’s

As Kym was only 5, under Californian Law she could only work 4 hours a day and needed a chaperone to go to the toilet. On turning 6 she said ‘Oh Thank God. Now I can finally go to the bathroom by myself!’.

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