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Debbie Turner

Name - Debbie Turner

Date Of Birth - 5th September 1956

Birthplace - Arcadia, California (USA)

Parents - Debbie Turner’s parents were both Canadian from Manitoba. They moved to the warm Southern California in the early 1950’s for health reasons.

Childhood - Turner is the third of four children, all of whom have been active in television, commercials and films at some point. Her 2 sisters are named Patricia and Michelle and her brother is called Kel. Her family were all very active as they had a swimming pool in their back garden. They also enjoyed skiing, camping and water skiing as a family.

(Debbie helps Julie Andrews practice riding a bike with a passenger for the song Do- Re- Mi in photo- Right)

Jobs - ‘The Sound of Music’ - 1965 - ‘Marta Von Trapp’

‘North Dallas Forty’ - 1979

She decided to give up acting and, for a short time, worked as a mortgage banker before deciding to study interior design and photography in Newport Beach. In 1989 she started her own floral company - ‘Debbie Turner Originals’ where she employs 8-10 members of staff and successfully runs her company still today! Check out ‘Debbie Turner Originals’ Website

Debbie is currently working on a book sharing her behind-the-scenes stories from filming ‘The Sound of Music’!

Marriage - Richard Larson - 1980 - present. He is a mechanical engineer of Norwegian descent and they met at a ski resort. They moved to Minneapolis (USA) in 1985 where they settled to bring up their 4 daughters.

Children - 4 Daughters named Brooke, Jamie, Angela and Kate.

Interesting Facts - Debbie Turner designed the wedding flowers for the daughter of fellow Sound of Music actress Heather Menzies

During filming Debbie Turner lost both her front teeth and had to wear false one’s for filming! See photo!

Debbie also fell through a screen during filming (used to soften background light).

Look out in the movie during ‘My Favorite Things’ for Debbie Turner mouthing along to Julie Andrews singing, even though she isn’t supposed to know the song! Debbie did all her own singing for the movie unlike many of the others.

Check out her personal ‘Sound of Music’ website

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