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Daniel Truhitte

Daniel Truhitte is famed for his role of ‘Rolf’ in ‘The Sound of Music’ but where is he from and what has he done since the movie? Find out here!

Date Of Birth - 10th September 1943

Birthplace - Sacramento, California. (USA)

Childhood - Age 6 - Started tap lessons, gymnastics and ballet

Age 10 - Began singing

Age 17 - Won a scholarship to the Pasadena Playhouse

Jobs - He is most famous for playing ‘Rolf Gruber’ in ‘The Sound of Music’ but he also played in other theatre and television productions, including;

‘No No Nanete’,

‘On a Clear Day’,

‘Once Upon a Mattress’,

‘Can Can’,

‘Bells are Ringing’,

‘Little Mary Sunshine’,

‘Unsinkable Molly Brown’,


‘Lil Adner’,



‘Gene Kelly’ in ‘Hallelujah Hollywood’

‘Captain Von Trapp’ in a stage production of ‘The Sound of Music’

He also played at the Flamingo and Nugget nightclubs in Vegas as the featured dancer and singer.

He was Juliet Prowese’s lead singing and dancing partner on her US tour.

Entertainment Tonight featured ‘A Day in the life of Daniel Truhitte’ on 10th September 1993.

He joined the Marine Corps after filming ‘The Sound of Music’ where his collegues reffered to him as

‘Private Hollywood’.

He has worked in real estate and also as a teacher.

Marriage - Truhitte married 3 times. The first was Charmian Carr’s German stand in named Gabriele. They dated throughout filming ‘The Sound of Music’ and married 2 years later. Coincidentally, Gabriele’s parents were named ‘Rolf’ and ‘Liesl’! We do not know anything about his second wife, however his third wife is called Tarealia Hanney (TJ).

ChildrenTruhitte has 3 sons including Thomas Rolf Truhitte who is a famous opera singer. His third wife, TJ, also has 3 daughters so the jokingly call themselves the ‘Brady Bunch’.

Quotes‘The Sound of Music has made my work immortal’ ‘Nobody knows more than I do what a rat I was!’ Reffering to ‘Rolf’ ‘The gazebo scene is permanently in my heart and in my mind. Our dance in the gazebo will be here long after we’re both gone. I’ll be forever grateful for that’

Check out Truhitte in the ‘Daily Mail’ talking about how he was angry for being left out of Oprah’s ‘Sound of Music’ reunion!

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