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Jun 05, 2014

The Sound of Music Lego Set

The Sound of Music Lego set is an exciting new idea that needs your support to become a reality!


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Apr 12, 2014

Captain Georg Von Trapp


The stage production is boring, but the movie is OUTSTANDING! I especially love Captain Georg Von Trapp. He’s so cute! And I even have an exact replica


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Mar 24, 2014

Perfect Movie

Even after 30years I still love the story and the music….and the feel good factor of the movie.


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Feb 17, 2014

Please?!! Keep playing this “so-special” movie.

Something—in me…….is exalted when the beautiful music starts. Maybe it is because my grandmother was Swiss?? I think the music just carries us


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Feb 04, 2014

A Word Or Two

‘A Word or Two’ is the brand new show Christopher Plummer is currently starring in. Previously well known for his role as ‘Captain Von Trapp’ in ‘The Sound of Music’.


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Jan 31, 2014

My heart was truly blessed………….

Hi Natalie, I, too, took the Panorama Sound of Music tour on my first visit to Salzburg in May 2012. Despite the mild negatives I will explain later, I’m


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Jan 29, 2014

my wedding idea

have a wedding in front of the house from the von trapp family it will be awesome and take a tour in side


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Jan 29, 2014

When you leave

A group of seven can do So Long, Farewell with the 7 children then after that the wedding guests leave.


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Jan 08, 2014

Not so good…

I watched the Sound of Music Live, and didn’t really enjoy it. I realized, of course, that it would be nowhere as good as the original, but it still disappointed


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Dec 25, 2013

Sound of Music Crafts

Sound of Music Crafts gives you lots of ideas of fun arts and crafts activities inspired by The Sound of Music.


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