Sound of Music Von Trapp Family

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Sound of Music Von Trapp Family

‘The Sound of Music’ is loved by millions across the world with it’s wonderful characters and interesting storyline, but have you ever wondered if that was what really happened? Was there a nun named Maria who married a Captain with 7 children and did they flee from Hitler? The short answer is yes! But what was it reallylike? Here you’ll find out about the true story behind ‘The Sound of Music’!

Maria Von Trapp became a wife and mother and then years later was fleeing the country into her new life! How did she really feel about it?
Captain Georg Von Trapp was in fact a naval captain looking for a new governess for one of his children and thus met Maria. But was he really that strict? Did he really use whistles to call his children?
The Von Trapp Children captured the hearts of everyone while Maria was teaching them to sing, and they were playing tricks on her. But were there only 7 children? And did Rolf steel Liesl’s first kiss?

The birth of the ‘Trapp Family Singers’ is pushed on them by ‘‘Uncle Max’ in the musical and movie, but when did the family first start singing together? And did they enjoy it so much?

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