Duane Chase

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Duane Chase

Name - Duane Chase

Date Of Birth - 12th December 1950

Birthplace - Los Angeles, California (USA)

Childhood - By the age of 11 Duane Chase had done a few acting and modelling jobs (see jobs for more information).

Jobs - ‘IHOP’ - TV commercial

‘The Big Valley’ - Disney Movie - Danny Matthews

‘The Sound of Music’ - 1965 - ‘Kurt Von Trapp’

‘Follow Me Boys’ - 1966 - ‘Joe’

Computer Software Designer for Oil and Mining Companies - Present

Marriage - Petra Maria - 1987 - Present - She is from Austria, and although trained as a nurse, came to America as a nanny.

Children - None.

Interesting Facts - After high school Chase gave up acting and studied Geology at UC Santa Barbara and earned a master’s degree from the university of Alabama.

Robert Wise personally offered Chase the part of Kurt after only 2 auditions!

During filming the thunderstorm scene in Maria’s bedroom, Chase refused to run in smiling as he was supposed to and so they had to do numerous re-takes!

When Duane Chase was on his way to see Werner Von Trapp in Vermont, Werner had a heart attack and died at the age of 91. (11th Oct ‘07)

In the song ‘So Long, Farewell’ Chase’s final high note was actually sung by Darleen Carr, Charmian Carr ’s sister, as Chase couldn’t reach the note. Incidentally, he also shares a birthday with Darleen!

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