Sound of Music Full Movie

Sound of Music Full Movie

Sound of Music Full Movie

The Sound of Music full movie is based on the true life story of the von Trapp family singers.

The crew started filming the scenes needed for the Sound of Music from the 26th March 1964. The first scenes that were filmed were in Los Angeles, in the 20th Century Fox studios. These scenes were of Maria’s bedroom, the abbey and the graveyard.

After that, they flew to Salzburg to continue filming. They resumed on the 23rd April when they filmed the wedding scenes at the Mondsee Abbey. They also filmed scenes at the Nonnberg Abbey, Mirabell Palace Gardens, Residence Fountain, and other places throughout the old town of Alstadt.

When was the film released?

The sound of music full film was released on the 2nd March 1965.

How long is the film?

The film runs for 174 minutes (2hours 54 minutes).

Overall the Sound of Music was one of the most highly successful films to be sold and shown of all time. 4 weeks after the theatre version was released, it went straight to number one in the box office in the US. This was because of the revenue that was generated by 25 theatres.


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