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Sound of Music Trivia

julie and the children in salzburg with the fruit

Are you still only young in your 'Sound of Music' knowledge like Gretl? Or have you known 'The Sound of Music' all your life and know everything there is to know like Liesl? The questions start off easy with young Gretl, and as you go up in age each Von Trapp Child has harder questions!

The questions include all things musical, movie, quotes, locations, cast and much more! From Kids and first time viewers to ultimate fans... there are questions for everyone... so get stuck in!

OR are you looking for something to print out and use as an activity at a party? Try the Sound of music characters word search!

kym karath as gretl

Gretl - Kids

Easy and simple questions perfect for children's parties, keeping them entertained or just for your pleasure!

debbie turner as marta

Marta - Easy

First time viewer but want to try your hand at some questions? Check these ones out!

angela cartwright as brigitta

Brigitta - Medium

How observant were you? Test your knowledge on these 'medium' questions

duane chase as kurt

Kurt - Hard

Getting harder now... do you like the 'Sound of Music' or truly love it?

heather menzies as louisa

Louisa - Expert

Think you're a true 'Sound of Music' expert?

nicholas hammond as friedrich

Friedrich - Super Fan

Almost at the hardest level... these questions might stump
a lot of you!

charmian carr as liesl

Liesl - Sound of Music Die Hard

Really? You love 'The Sound of Music' as much as me?
The hardest of the trivia questions... go for it!

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