Sound Of Music Tour Salzburg

Sound Of Music Tour Salzburg

Sound Of Music Tour Salzburg

After living in a small town 2 hours outside of Salzburg for 6 months of my gap year, a friend came out and we spent my final month there together. We stayed in Millstatt - a small town on the ‘Millstattersee’ and visited Vienna, Salzburg and eventually spent a few days in Venice before flying home to start college in the fall.

It was hard seeing other people I knew throughout the months going on the Sound of Music tour, yet I knew my friend was coming and had promised that I would go with her, so I waited, but it was defiantly worth the wait!

My friend and I decided to make our day in Salzburg a ‘Sound of Music’ full day, so as well as booking a 4 hour ‘Sound of Music’ tour with Panorama tours in the afternoon, we noticed a theatre performance in the evening so also booked to go see that.

As I knew people who had already been on an official ‘Sound of Music’ tour I knew that there are movie locations that the tour doesn’t take you too and so was prepared for a morning of going to those places. With my Salzburg map in hand my friend and I were able to explore Mirabell Gardens, the Abbey, the old city of Salzburg and the graveyard where the family hide from nazi’s near the end of the movie.

I must say seeing the 38 euro price tag on the tour wasn’t the most enticing thing, however the tour was worth every penny as it takes you too many of the movie locations outside of central Salzburg. The gazebo, The Von Trapp house and the church in mondsee where all sights that made the price worth it as all are not within walking distance and without hiring a car, would be very awkward to reach. The places the tour doesn’t take you on are all located around the centre of Salzburg and within walking distance so it’s easy to explore those places in your own time.

Unless you have a car, I would recommend taking an official tour as I did. Not only does it take you to the outside movie locations, it is also the general atmosphere on the bus with fellow ‘Sound of Music’ lovers and the wonderful songs playing, along with interesting facts about the movie, the real family, the history, and the city of Salzburg from the humorous tour guide.

After a wonderful experience on the tour we had an hour and a half to grab dinner before heading to the Marionette theatre for the evening performance which was surprising to say the least!

We paid 30 euros each for the theatre seats, the second most expensive there was, as I had never seen the musical at the theatre before and wanted to have a great view! On arrival, my friend and I walked along a corridor full of puppets similar to those in the ‘Lonely Goatherd’ song which we thought was interesting and pretty cool to see, but it was the human performance we were looking forward to.

As we entered the theatre and took our seats we were a little confused at the small stage. I went and picked up a programme and it was then that we realised this was not a human performance of our favourite musical… but a marionette performance!

As the curtain rose and Maria began singing ‘The hills are alive’ dangling from wires and doing stiff movements we could do nothing but laugh! It was completely unexpected. I think had I not found the entire situation quite hilarious I would have been a little disappointed in having paid 30 euros to watch puppets perform parts of my favourite musical.

Although it was an experience I will never forget, I also will not be going again. The performance itself was excellent, the voices and puppeteers were fantastic, however I think it was a little overpriced and that’s because of it’s location. Hundreds of fans visit to Salzburg and as they know this I think they have raised the price. From where I was sat i could see the stage well enough, however I would not liked to have been sat any further back as the stage isn’t that big and I feel it would be hard to see in the cheaper seats.

They did perform the large majority of the musical however some bits were missed out and re-arranged, I assume for time purposes.

Overall, my advice would be to look here for a map of the movie locations within walking distance in old salzburg town. Check out going on an official tour for the other movie sites (i went on panorama tours) and unless you would like to see a puppet performance of ‘The Sound of Music’, don’t go to the Marionette Theatre. I am aware there is also a ‘Sound of Music’ dinner available to book. I haven’t been on this but if you have please leave your feedback and experience of it and/or your time in Salzburg!

Have you been to Salzburg and experienced the wonderful city and ‘Sound of Music’ movie locations? Share your Sound of Music story here and read other peoples!

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